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         Jacky Cheng was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2003, she received her Bachelor of Architecture (Hons 1) from University of New South Wales, Sydney. She put architecture on hold and pursued her love for ‘creating and making’ in smaller scales. She became an art educator / tutor early in her university years and has since followed suit in sharing her skills and knowledge in the education sector.


Jacky works across several mediums incorporating her philosophy of 'process art' most notably through paper sculpture. Her introduction into the manipulation of paper was due to unaffordability in high-end art materials during her tertiary education years. She then adopted everyday materials such as recycled paper, penknife and glue. She now works on acid-free archival papers and fibres.  Her manual hand-cut paper enchantment has since been featured in ABC Kimberley Projects, 'The Paper Cutter', ABC Arts - ‘How art changed my life’ as well as numerous art feeds and articles locally and internationally. Each of her creation involves many hundreds of hours and her understanding to step aside and allow the process to lead the way with meticulous careful cuttings. 


She has won numerous art awards and most recently Jacky held her first group exhibition at Agora Gallery in New York. In 2017, Arteles Creative Centre in Finland accommodated Jacky as the artist-in-residence in the Silence Existence Awareness program.


Her teaching accolades includes both state and national awards in Best Trainer/Teacher of the Year in Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector bestowed by the prestigious Australia Training Awards as well as a finalist for the Curtin University Teaching Excellence Award in WA Regional Achievement and Community category. 


Today, Jacky continues to practice and teach in the Northwest of Western Australia where she has lived and worked since 2006.


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