Works    2015

Lotus Bloom by Jacky Cheng

Lotus Bloom  2015

Acid-free 110gsm archival paper, watercolour

100 x 100cm

I always had a special fondness for the paradoxical nature, mathematical precision and infinite recursions present in nature. Perhaps my architectonic background has widened my perspective in the relationships between art, nature and its complexities and hence my direction in the world of art dictated that I should cut, sculpt and construct each and every layer of my chosen medium by hand to understand nature’s growing process.

In this special piece, the ‘Lotus’ represents a deep connection between my art practice and my self-awareness. Lotus is a symbol of fortune from the Buddhism meaning in ‘rising and blooming above the muddy water to achieve enlightenment’. The layers and layers of paper cutting encapsulate the concept of different stages of enlightenment to finally emerge a lotus flower which represents ‘rebirth’ both in a figurative and literal sense.

The beauty in paper cutting process will motivate you to look deeper into the realms of nature and be inspired from this art piece to look beyond the finished piece and appreciate the creative journey.


Photo: © Steven W Cutts

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