Works    2017

'Xiang Lu III' - Incense Censer III by Jacky Cheng

'Xiang Lu III' - Incense Censer III  2017

Acid-free 110gsm archival paper, watercolour

20 x 20cm



Xiang Lu III – Incense Censer III


Every culture around the globe shares a sense of familiarity and order within their community through cultural ritual practices or similar purpose in religion. After witnessing my first smoking ceremony in the Kimberley in 2007, I was transported back to my childhood and time spent with my grandmother honouring our ancestors traditions through sequestered rituals of incense burning in small gatherings to large-scale social celebrations and commemorations. The pattern and design on this piece is an exemplar of my grandmother’s oldest incense censer – simple, rigid, repetitive and intricate as it reaffirms the identity of those who practice them – me.


(Xiang Lu - Incense Censer series)

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