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Cadence by Jacky Cheng

Cadence  2011

Acid-free 110gsm archival paper

100 x 100cm

Capturing a moment of a water ripple effect is a moment of an unfrequented place in many people’s hectic lifestyle these days. A wise person once advised me to ‘look between the train carriages’ to find oneself a place that recognizes solitude - to slow down and enjoy every moment. I never absorb the true meaning of the expression until I started fluttering my fingers across the keys on my piano again after many years of musical absence.

‘Cadence’ is a symbolic piece that captures the melodic progressions through visual interpretation. A piece that explores its characteristic rhythmic pattern, perhaps suggesting the eventual end of a water ripple as it reflects in a musical score.


Winner - Works on Paper

Shinju Art Awards 2011, WA 


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