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Back in Wadandi Boodja

This time of the year in Wadandi Boodja (Margaret River) is beautiful. Residents and tourist soaking in the summer heat and sunshine, flies and bees having a fabulous wonder around; spotted a few blue tongue lizards - nothing out of the ordinary. Rural Utopia stage 2 is the next phase of the SPACED residency which will all conclude into a year end group exhibition with my peers who has been working in various regional locations around Western Australia.

To help you recap what happened in Rural Utopia Stage 1, follow this link.

Read more about Rural Utopia projects, head on to  SPACED 

To follow my journey, follow my ongoing visual diary. 


A Concentrated Experience // Art Collective WA
SPACED: Rural Utopias
National WINNER of AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Small Projects
Best Bespoke Design - Design Fringe 2023
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Winner of 46th Fremantle Print Award
Finalist Fremantle Print Award 2023
Collaborative project - Winner of AILA Landscape Architecture Award WA - Small Projects