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Katie Breckon, Banjyi “Pansy” Cheedy, Jacky Cheng, Ruth Halbert, Stuart McMillan, Clare Peake

Curated by Rose Barton

An exhibition of regional Western Australian artists whose practice touches craft methodologies and mediums, whilst also pushing at traditional boundaries and unending the negative connotations of the word craft.

The annual HERENOW exhibition showcases some of the most exciting and innovative work in Western Australia, with an emerging curator appointed to offer fresh perspective and insight on contemporary art practice.

Spanning textiles, ceramics, weaving, paper, sculpture, metal and timber work, and digital elements, the artists draw attention to the role of craft in socio-political, cultural and environmental healing in a contemporary landscape. Dispersed across the state, the artists are bound together by their collective questioning of the individual self, the shared self, and it’s relationship to place. Dispersion highlights a diverse group of artists from across the state, from Denmark in Minang Country, to Derby in Nyikina Country.

background photo: Katie Breckon, Kimberley Termite Mound (detail), 2021, Incised paint on aluminium, 120 x 160cm


A Concentrated Experience // Art Collective WA
SPACED: Rural Utopias
National WINNER of AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Small Projects
Best Bespoke Design - Design Fringe 2023
Artists on tour
Woven Together | Celebrating South Hedland
Winner of 46th Fremantle Print Award
Finalist Fremantle Print Award 2023
Collaborative project - Winner of AILA Landscape Architecture Award WA - Small Projects