When this opportunity was presented to me by Suma Orientalis and the Board of Architects in Malaysia to be part of Kuala Lumpur Architectural Festival 2019 (KLAF2019), I was beyond thrilled! The architectonic and visual art language finally amalgamated for this audience. 


Excerpt from SuperStructure

'...The content of this show serves as an eye opener to the viewers as they observe how form when reduced to the simplest of symmetry and shape can merge the grey line between art and architecture, depending on its scale of execution. At the same time, when the viewer dwells deeper into the hidden and unseen lines that quietly shapes its geometry, the visual experience becomes endearingly therapeutic.

Scattered in this exhibition are the works of two artists. One established and the other, emerging. One, a Japanese residing in Malaysia, and the other, an Australian-trained architect born in Malaysia now turned artist based in Australia.....'

News (Superstructure)
Oculus (detail)


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