Winner - The John Stringer Prize 2022

After a year long of solid experimentations and discoveries with countless events of unsuccessful attempts at realising my vision with clarity; and with shear perseverance and stubbornness, it finally paid off. Actually it took three years to realised this and more from here...

I am in excellent company with this year's finalist Amanda Bell, Bruno Booth, Guy Louden, Katie West and Holly Yoshida. Such amazing artists in contemporary WA art scene.

Showing at John Curtin Gallery now until 4 Dec. Be sure to visit the show and look at everyone's work. Really loo.k....

John Stringer Prize at John Curtin Gallery 7 October - 4 Dec, Mon-Fri 11am-5pm, Sun 12pm-4pm

Image: …that awaits at the end of life, 2022.

Kozo papers, joss papers, paper pine, kibiso, bonded nylon thread and video, panel 1: 350 cm x 37 cm, panel 2: 650 cm x 37 cm, panel 3: 480 cm x 37 cm, panel 4: 780 cm x 37 cm. John Stringer Prize 2022, John Curtin Gallery.


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