Honour and Love. Winner of Judges Award at Jury Art Prize 2021.

Winner of Judges Award - Jury Art prize 2021

I am so delighted to announce this news. The Jury Art  Prize 2021 Judges Award was awarded to this piece Honour and Love. A massive congratulations to all finalist and art colleagues. We did well. 

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Artwork statement

The world is still inundated with daily pandemic death toll news. Many have been robbed the opportunity to organise appropriate rituals to pay their respects and celebrate their loved ones. This unfortunate global event reignited memories of how I once watched my grandmother prepare, renew, and freshen up her hand made funeral costume months before she passed away. I had little knowledge then of why these beautiful clothes were wrapped up and stored in a suitcase for decades and never seen her wear them before. When the time came, I had a glimpse of her peaceful self and in her beautiful costume. 

These washi papers were handmade in a traditional Nagashizuki method during my residency in Japan. Then, hand dyed with kakishibu and sumi ink; machine and hand stitched with cotton, linen, kibiso, other natural fibres and polyester. This qi pao is an honour and love to my journey in life so far.


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