Realising works in ‘space’ stemmed from early years in architectural studies about the built environment. The focus of these ephemeral installations and performance works are about viewers impression that  form a complete unified experience through individual interactions; experience that envelop the space of the work. Materials varied, specific and attentive to location and its agenda. Its intention and desire is to reawaken sense of space, social associations, environment, direct and indirect interrelation in the environment we inhabit.

The Calling Over Nagula
Ephemeral Public Art
Beyond Sight full artwork
Beyond Sight
450cm (W) x 650cm (D)
Queen of the Night
100cm (W) x 55cm (H) x 100cm (D)
Touching the Earth Lightly (detail)
Touching the Earth Lightly
800cm (W) x 8cm (H) x 800cm (D)
Ephemeral Installation
Return to Numen (detail)
Return to Numen
200cm (W) x 200cm (H)
Ephemeral Installation
Rethinking Corners
Rethinking Corners
600cm (W) x 700cm (H) x 600cm (D)
Ephemeral Installation