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The Best Kept Secret

Year 2020 has been incredibly challenging for everyone. Art making instinctively became our tool in documenting this significant journey we've all had thus far. Friends all over the world sending messages of love, hope and encouragement. Some sadly left us too early and others practice precautionary steps to continue the fight. Whilst all these were the utmost importance in everyone's lives, I forget momentarily that I live in one of the best place in the world - the stories, the untouched, pristine landscape of the Kimberley in Northwest of Western Australia. Blessed.

Here's an ode to our Best Kept Secret. Winner of Sculpture category at the Shinju Art Awards 2020 Jubilee celebration. 

Statement of work:

As a visitor, you come for the poetry. Then, you stay because of the stories.



2022 National Works on Paper Finalist
SPACED: Rural Utopias Residency - Jacky Cheng in Margaret River
SPACED residency
John Stringer Prize 2022 - Finalist
Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2021 - FINALIST
67th Blake Prize 2022 Finalists 
Artist in Residence - Fremantle Art Centre
York Botanic Art Prize 2021
When I Saw You - IOTA21